Frequently asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Grill Cleaning services.

Do you offer grill cleaning services for all types of grills?

We offer grill cleaning and BBQ cleaning services for most makes and models across the board. Choose our barbecue cleaning services for Viking grills, Wolf Grills, Lynx grills, DCS grills, Barbeque Galore grills and more. The barbeque cleaning experts at the Master Grill Sergeant use only green, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products.



Why should I use you, this is TEXAS!!!, we clean our own grills.

Yes, this is Texas, and as Texans we are a proud people, when it comes to the grill or the Barbecue pit we do it ourselves.  As a Texan, I know you are also a very busy person and sometimes you just don't have enough time to do it yourself.  When you don't have the time to clean your equipment, call the Master Grill Sergeant, and we will clean the grill.



Clean the grill?????  The left over residue actually makes the food taste better.

I must admit that it is so nice to open a pit's cover and smell the wonderful flavors used in grilling or barbecuing.  That left over residue is burnt food and spices.  This is why sometimes when you eat grilled or barbecued food you get the crunchies that don't taste the same as the rest of the food.   This residue sets up  unwanted bacteria, and if left too long unfriendly odors  will make your food taste a little off.  You work too hard to give your family and friends the very best of your cooking along with yourself. Don't ruin it with a dirty grill!!!  Call Master Grill Sergeant, and we will clean the grill. 


Does your BBQ cleaning service use environmentally friendly products?

Our BBQ grill cleaning service uses only green, non-toxic, biodegradable products. As a full service barbecue cleaning service we’ll de-grease and deep clean every part of your grill.  Make BBQ maintenance a priority, and let us “green clean” your grill and BBQ parts to keep them looking great and functioning perfectly.  Call the Master Grill Sergeant, and we will clean the grill.


I am thinking of having my vintage barbeque restored. Can you help?

The Master Grill Sergeant is an authorized cleaner of grills.  We are new to the area and can only guarantee you a clean grill.  In the new future we will be able to offer simple repairs.  Call us, you may only need a good cleaning to get the grill working again.   

Big deal it's a BBQ grill, so what's the fuss?

As an owner of a gas BBQ grill you paid a lot of money to bring that baby home (many times $400 or more).  Now that it's home your have a choice, either just look at it or use it (because your really don't want to clean it, or really don't know how). Call the Master Grill Sergeant, and we will clean the grill.