About Us


A Clean Grill is a Healthy Grill.


It is our mission, to clean, repair and restore new and vintage grills in order to ensure safe barbecuing and the best tasting food directly from the grill. In a short time, our efforts have allowed commercial and home grilling enthusiasts to realize the difference a clean and functioning grill can really make.





Master Grill Sergeant The BBQ Cleaner is your Green Barbecue Cleaning Specialist.


Our service is environmentally friendly and all waste is disposed of according to state regulations..

All of our cleaning products are 100% non-toxic and biodegradeable. We believe not only in a clean grill but also in a healthy environment, and it shows with every job we do.

Our professionals are experienced in cleaning, repairing and restoration all makes of grills.

Treat your grill like the beautiful piece of equipment that is, and keep it looking and working its best with help from Master Grill Sergeant The BBQ Cleaner.